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Evaluation question 2


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In order to evaluate how my media product represents particular social groups I needed to first begin with research into leading roles in popular horror movies so that I can compare my main characters to them. For my horror film, I used my youngest sister, Roseanna as the demented demon and my elder sister, Liberty as the victim.

The main character, Liberty, falls into the social groups of the wealthy middle class parent due to her casual but mother-like clothing and the large house which she lives in along with her husband and children. I based her character on the mother portrayed the film ‘Insidious’ as in my media product, Liberty plays a similar role to the mother. I cast Roseanna as she was enthusiastic to help and because her age and natural looks, such as her long brown hair, typically represented what a demented young girl looks like. I based her character on the young girl presented in ‘The Ring’ called Samara Morgan. Roseanna, similarly to Samara, is dressed in a white nightgown, has a white painted face with black around her eyes and her long hair down in front of her face to enhance and successfully represent the demonic feature. It is stereotypical for young children to get these types of roles in major horror films due to their innocent nature and cunning imagination. My target audience will be in the same demographic as the main characters and therefore the flattering presentation of Roseanna and Liberty.

The house itself doesn’t to the eye look haunted, however, once Liberty walks up the stairs and hears the piano playing it brings a conclusive decision that something isn’t right. My media product represent to particular social groups who watch horror films such as ‘The conjuring’ and others with the same nature because it has a riveting story line which is psychologically challenging and as this topic is taboo in our society, people in every social group would always be intrigued.

Evaluation question 3



A media conglomerate, media group, or media institution is a company that owns numerous companies in various mass media; i.e. television, radio, publishing, motion picture, and the Internet.

I researched a number of film production companies focusing on specific aspects: the companies leading genre of film, their role within film industry, their scale, their projects and their budgets. Some companies sell their products on to established film studios however a great number also exist independently as their own studio; the companies can also range from small to large. Some examples of companies are DreamWorks, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Entertainment and Twisted Pictures.

I researched low budget horror film production companies, which I thought would most likely want to distribute my media production. I believe that a production company such as Blumhouse Productions would be ideal because the company mainly produces horror films and are well known of the horror genre. Furthermore, I choose Blumhouse because the ident that I created for my product fits in with the horror genre despite the design of my ident not quite matching their ident.

Blumhouse productions are an independent American movie production company, created by Jason Blum who is an Emmy award producer. They are most famous for producing the paranormal sequels Insidious, but have also produced films such as Stretch, The Purge, Whiplash, Unfriended, and Paranormal activity 5. All of these films appeal to a similar target audience to that of my media product. Additionally, Blumhouse productions have managed to turn low budget films, such as ‘Sinister’, into a successful work that earns millions for the Production Company, Distribution Company and cast. They have a reputation of successfully producing low-budget genre movies and giving opportunities to new emerging, cutting-edge directors. The company has substantial financing and facilitates which are the fundamental aspects needed to create dramatic features (for example, special effects, lighting, actors, supporting crew ect).

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Evaluation question 5


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In order to attract and address my audience, I had to re-evaluate my target audience survey and interviews that I did at the beginning of the year so that I could gather information on how I could attract my target audience. Firstly, I discovered that the most popular genre of film was Romantic Comedy, however, I though this may have been difficult to do, thus the reasoning behind why I chose horror genre for my final film.

My target audience ranged from 16-20 years old and thus this meant I could introduce more mature and scarier scenes, as they would understand the concept of them.

It became apparent when watching my interviews that the gender that my audience would prefer as a main role was female. Stereotypically, woman are often represented in horror films as the damsel in distressed and are usually being attacked by the perpetrator. An example of this can be seen in the film ‘The lovely bones’ where the teenage girl is the victim and the man is the perpetrator. This is why my main character in my media product is a woman based around the mother in ‘Insidious’. However, the influences of modern culture, such as feminism, have changed the traditional view of woman being the victim. This is seen in films such as ‘Jennifer’s Body’ and ‘The Ring’ where the psycho killers are being replaced with the supernatural killers and therefore the horror genre itself is changing. Thus this is the reasoning behind why my perpetrator is based around the young girl, Samara Morgan, presented in the film ‘The Ring’.

The results from the target audience survey show that the most favourite location for a horror movie is a haunted or abandoned house, similar to the house seen in the film ‘The Conjuring’. This is why I used my house in my movie opening because it is similar to the houses typically conveyed in horror movies.

Furthermore, the ident I created was dark and mysterious which created a spooky atmosphere. This introduced the audience to what genre my film is. To enhance this atmosphere I added horror sound affects that set the scene. The harsh, discordant and unexpected sounds I’ve used tap into the audiences’ instinctive fears and create a sinister feeling of suspense. The time and weather in which I filmed my media product was dark and depressing, this created pathetic fallacy to add to the mood.